THS Parent Portal Help

Welcome to the Parent Portal help page!

The Parent Portal is a convenient way for you to keep up to date with your child’s progress and other important school information. Students can also access the Parent Portal and view their own profile.

To access the Parent Portal simply open the Home Page and enter your user name and password when prompted.

Parent Portal Access details are normally issued in early October, parents will have their personal PEP account information mailed to them at that time.

You can use this online portal to:

  • View all your child’s Reviews
  • View your child’s Academic Tutorial records and targets
  • Access letters to parents
  • Check your child’s attendance
  • View your child’s lesson timetable
  • Update your school contact details
  • Give us feedback by completing a short questionnaire

If you are having problems accessing or using the Parent Portal, please take a moment to check the Frequent Questions and Known Issues sections of this help page, as they address many of the questions and issues that people have fed back to us.

If you don't see an answer for your issue, please contact the systems support team and we will get back to you.

Parent Portal quick start guide

Parent Portal Menu Buttons

The tabs at the top of the page will contain a Home, Calendar, Documents and Feedback button plus a button for each of your children enrolled at the school. Parent users will also have a drop down button in the top right corner which will have your name on it.

  • Home Button - A dashboard containing the school's latest news articles, a notice board of the latest Parent Portal relates announcements, today’s events from the school calendar and links to other school sites.
  • Calendar Button - Displays a more detailed and navigable version of the school's events calendar, displaying all events in the school year.
  • Documents Button - A collection of public document folders that form a repository of downloadable copies of letters home and school policies.
  • Child Buttons - A button for each of your children attending Thomas Hardye, providing access to their attendance data, timetables, reviews, tutorials and academic assessments.
  • Feedback Button - A short parent questionnaire that provides us with valuable feedback, as well as other ad hoc surveys through the year.
  • Drop Down Button - The name tag at the top right of the screen is a drop-down maneu with options to change your password and update your school contact details changes.

Some of the questions we are commonly asked about the Parent Portal

Who can use the Parent Portal?

The Parent Portal can be used by parents, students and staff.

Parents will be able to access details of all their children currently enrolled at Thomas Hardye School, but students will only be able to access their own details. Staff users with children enrolled at school will be able to see all their details in the same way as a parent user.

Just to be clear: the term 'parent' refers to an adult having designated parental responsibility, as indicated on the child’s personal information form that we hold on school records.

How do I access the Parent Portal?

Simply visit the Parent Portal web site and login using the user name and password you have been provided.

Login details will be issued to parents at open evenings or may be brought home by your child. Staff and students should simply use the normal network account, just as you would in school.

When will I receive my login details?

If you are a parent of a year nine student, joining us in September 2019, you will receive your Parent Portal login details during the Year 9 Parent Evening on October 10th. It can take some time to check the information supplied to us at the start of at school year and the delay helps us ensure the accuracy of the information used to create the parent user accounts.

Similarly, if you are a parent of a sixth form student, you will receive your login details during the Year 12 Parent Evening on the 26th September.

If you are a Parent of a student joining us at another time of the year, your Parent Portal login details will be sent to you directly, once your child’s details are registered with us.

For the interim, your child can login for you, as students can access the Parent Portal by using their school network user name and password.

What should I do if I forget my user name or password?

The Parent Portal has a password change facility and we recommend that you use it to change your initial password to something more memorable.

If you have registered an email address with us, either directly or via the Parent Portal's profile update features, you will be able to use our password reset facility to recover your user name and reset your password.

If we dont have an email address registered for you, please contact the systems support team. We can reset your password and pass the details to your child to bring home on the next school day. (Please remind your child to collect the details from the office.)

How do I logoff when I am finished?

The short answer is to just close the browser.

When you login to the Parent Portal you are actually logging into a network rather than a web site. Web browsers realise this and remember the login details in case they are needed again while the browser is still running. This means you can navigate away from the site (or even close the tab containing the site) and come back to it without being asked to login again.

For sites like the Parent Portal a logoff button is actually superfluous, because you only have to refresh the page to log back in. The easiest thing to do when you are finished with the portal is to simply close the browser.

Can I check the Parent Portal without having to logon?

To access all the content on the Parent Portal you will need to logon simply because so much of what is available is highly personal. However, you can check if anything new has been new published recently by checking the Parent Portal Notice Board news feed.

This is the news feed used to create the Parent’s Notice Board and will list recent announcements regarding student reviews and letters home. The announcements tend to have a short shelf life so, if you plan to use a mobile device to subscribe to the feed, please be aware that there are times it will be empty.

Known issues that may impact on your use of the Parent Portal

Very little support for older web browsers.

The Parent Portal has been designed in HTML5 using the latest web standards. It has not been tested (and probably won’t work) with older web browsers. Most web browsers have been compatible with HTML5 for years now and, as most of them also self-update, browser compatibility is becoming far less of a problem.

However, if you are still using an old version of Internet Explorer (anything less than IE10), you will find that your browser is not compatible. For a detailed compatibility list the Can I Use web site is very useful.

We will make no effort to resolve this, please use an up to date browser!

Pinch to zoom gesture disabled in Safari on iPad and iPhone.

Since iOS9 was introduced we have been encountering issues with Safari sizing the page incorrectly when the screen is changed from portrait to landscape. This seems to be an intermittent bug with Safari whereby the font selected when reorienting the device is too big to fit on the screen correctly and has been the subject of much comment on the web.

In reality the issue isn’t very intermittent, as it can happen 50% of the time. We have tried various proposed solutions and the only one that works reliably is to force the zoom level to match the screen width, which we have reluctantly settled on as the solution for now. We will revisit this from time to time to see if we can restore the functionality at a later date.

This issue only affects iOS devices using Safari; if you find you need the pinch gesture while viewing the Parent Portal on an iPad or iPhone please consider using the Google Chrome browser instead for now.

Some Android web browsers do not display reviews or other documents.

In order to make documents readable on the widest number of devices all Academic Tutorials, Letters Home, Policies and Reviews on the Parent Portal are made available in PDF format. When you click on a link to a document your web browser will start to download it and, when the download completes, most web browsers will then display it.

However, some web browsers on Android devices do not have the ability to display PDF files; this is particularly true of the stock Android web browser. The document will still be downloaded and can then be found by clicking the 'Downloads' icon found in your Apps folder.

If you are encountering this and would like the documents to display automatically after downloading, we suggest using Google's Chrome Browser on Android devices.

Some staff members may not see their child's name in the menu buttons.

If you are a staff member with children at THS, your normal network user account will also be your login to the Parent Portal. However, some staff may find that their children are not listed in the tab buttons after logging in.

This is actually an issue in SIMS that goes back to how your details were originally created. If you find yourself in this situation contact the systems support team and we will sort it out for you.

Recover a forgotten user name or password

We are sorry, but an online facility to recover user names and reset passwords is not available at the moment, please contact the systems support team regarding your access details.

  • If you have registered an email address with us, either directly or via the Parent Portal's profile update features, we will be able to email you your login details, as long as your email originates from the registered address.
  • If we dont have an email address registered for you, we can reset your password and pass the details to your child to bring home on the next school day. (Please remind your child to collect the details from the office)
  • We are only able to issue access details to an adult having designated parental responsibility, as indicated on the child’s personal information form that we hold on school records.

Please also bear in mind that students can access their own details on the Parent Portal using the network user name and password they use when in school, so your child can access the information for you if required.